AppleScript Resources related to database publishing

General AppleScript resources:
The official AppleScript website. Lots of tools, examples, links, documentation and...

The official AppleScript Studio website appears to be gone, but the documentation is still available:

AppleScript Studio is part of the Mac OS X developers tools "Xcode", which you can get here as a free download from Apple.

Apple Discussion Boards -> Visit the Applescript Discussion Board!

FileMaker Pro AppleScript resources:
The official FileMaker website...

FileMaker Pro is the application with the best AppleScript support and documentation I've seen so far. When you performed a default installation, the FileMaker Pro folder contains a folder called FileMaker and Apple Events. This folder contains a FileMaker database with documentation called Apple Events Reference and it contains useful example scripts. Go take a look!

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign AppleScript resources:
The official Adobe website...
You can find the Photoshop Scripting manuals at the scripting section of Adobe's Photoshop Developer Center.

You won't find the AppleScript manual, tutorials, example scripts, etc. at the InDesign Developer Center, where you might expect to find them. But you can get them here:

Check out Adobe's User to User forums. Especially the InDesign Scripting and Photoshop Scripting forums are extremely useful! Here you might find workarounds for bugs and examples that you won't find in any manual...